Vancouver Roving Leaders


The Vancouver Roving Leaders Program is a flexible, community-based initiative that connects and engages vulnerable, at-risk children & youth in the Grandview-Woodlands, Hastings-Sunrise, Renfrew-Collingwood and Downtown Eastside neighbourhoods.

The Roving Leaders Program is about active connection and inclusion of our children and youth. We focus on connecting with the children and youth where they are, building a relationship and then helping them to integrate into neighbourhood programs, services and education opportunities.

The Roving Leader is a community youth worker who works outside the walls and boundaries of the traditional youth-work or recreation setting. The Roving Leaders are flexible, provide outreach to the community and connect with children where they are: on the street, in the park, with their peers. They involve children (primarily 10 to 16 years old) in positive activities, breaking down barriers they may face in accessing programs or services in their community and developing their strengths, talents and interests.

Working with children on an attachment-based model, Roving Leaders support them and their families through a program that emphasizes their strengths and personal goals. Our aim is to ensure positive results, including engagement in recreation and cultural programs, connection to community and positive links to school and home life.

Developed in response to the growing numbers of young children not accessing traditional programs in our community, the Vancouver Roving Leaders Program emphasizes prevention, relationship-building and youth engagement.

The Roving Leaders are supported by a table of community & government service providers who provide resources, advocate for systemic change and help the leaders overcome obstacles they are facing in service delivery.