Fee For Service Program

Fee For Service Program

The Network of Inner City Community Services Society (NICCSS) provides a range of access services for families involved in highly conflictual divorces, in difficulties accessing their children, and/or reunification issues. The nature of the visits may be court mandated or consented to between parties.

All the Visit Facilitation Workers are closely supervised and well trained in aspects pertaining to Supervised Access. The agency has been providing supervised access services in Vancouver since 1999.

Visits are organized after a comprehensive intake procedure which ensures that visits are facilitated in the safest, most child-centered, and neutral way possible. A contract for service is issued so that parties are informed and cognizant of their terms for access.

Supervised Access Services and Fees:

Supervised Access: A close, neutral observation between parent and children with an emphasis on child appropriateness and safety. Interventions are only for the purposes of ensuring child safety. Supervised Access: $60.00/hr Monday to Friday and $60.00/hr on Saturday and Sunday. There is a one time $40.00 intake fee for each application. Each interested party must fill out an application. The process cannot proceed until both applications have been submitted to NICCSS.

Access Exchange: Access Exchange will be done in our offices only.  Fees will be negotiated depending on the time involved in the exchange.

Neutral Observation Notes: For an extra fee of $25 per session, observation notes can be supplied to the party requesting the service. Please note that if a report is purchased both parties will receive a copy. We do note on this that “our workers are not parenting experts and that these are their observations only.” Observation Notes are provided to both parents if requested.

Staff Training

All staff adhere to the Community Care and Facilities Act in that they supply their Criminal Records Check, a Doctor’s clearance, a TB test, driver’s abstract, and Childsafe FirstAid Course. Staff attend in-service trainings in CarSeat Safety, Neutral Report Writing, Risk Assessment, Court Proofing, Communications, Parenting Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Universal Precautions, Addictions & Mental Health, and Dynamics of Domestic Violence.

Intake Procedure

A comprehensive intake will be completed in person and both parties (custodial and access parent) must sign a contract for service which lists all the terms of the visit. An Application Form can be downloaded and signed forms faxed into the office. NICCSS must receive the Application Form from both parents before contact for “Intake” occurs. You can contact the program supervisor with specific questions as to your needs.