About Us

Who We Are

NICCSS is a consortium of community-based organizations, resident groups and consumer groups who work together in the coordination and delivery of services to children, families and individuals. These programs are all focused on Vancouver’s Inner-City population, addressing gaps in existing social services for residents in these neighbourhoods.

The range of services that we provide includes early childhood development, youth and family support, seniors’ support and social enterprise projects. Our programs frequently involve a number of community organizations working collaboratively together to address issues affecting our community on many levels.

Board of Directors

What We Do

NICCSS provides a number of programs using a collaborative community building model. The programs are designed and carried out with the involvement of residents of the inner city. NICCSS is proud to use financial support received to employ residents in some of the programs offered.

NICCSS embraces diversity in all of our programs and accordingly has arranged to provide services in several languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French and English.

NICCSS provides a number of programs using a collaborative community building model including:

  • Home Support and Supervised Access Services
  • Vancouver Inner City Better at Home
  • Roving Leaders Children and Youth Program
  • HUB Family Support Program
  • Vancouver Rent Bank & Violence Prevention Fund
  • Bright Family Futures (BFF) in partnership with RayCam CC and the RICHER Initiative

We are partners in a number of strategic community initiatives:

  • Inner City Childhood Response Team:
  • RICHER Initiative
  • SOS Immigrant Health Outreach
  • Moresports Children & Youth Program
  • Vancouver Inner City Community Foundation
  • Our Place
  • BC Rent Bank

We are also part of social enterprise initiatives in our community:

  • “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Emporium” – VANOC Asset Disposal

We emphasize employment of Inner City residents and resident involvement in design and program delivery.

What Motivates Us

NICCSS works toward promoting the optimal development of children and youth, and strengthening and supporting families, adults, and seniors. We build on the family and support networks within the neighbourhoods we serve helping to address gaps in services. We develop partnerships between service providers, citizens and neighbourhood systems in Vancouver’s Inner City through cooperation and collaboration.